About Us

Smart Communications is a family owned business headquartered in Seminole, Florida. Since its inception in 2009, we have a had a reputation as the true innovator in the corrections marketplace.  We currently have over 50 clients nationwide.

We were years ahead when in 2009 we implemented the first ever inmate email system used in a county jail. The following year, we launched the first digital request and grievance system in the industry. We have spent the last 8 years perfecting our applications by working directly with our clients.

At Smart Communications, we provide our clients with a “vendor neutral’ solution provider. You will be partnering with a company that is solely focused on providing our clients with state-of-the-art communication solutions. Our solutions are unique in that they will work on the hardware platform of your choice, Kiosks or Tablets.

In 2016, our innovation continued when Smart Communications changed the corrections landscape forever by introducing our exclusive, Patent Pending, MailGuard™ Postal Mail Elimination System.

We continue to innovate in 2017 with the Patent Pending SmartVisit™- bringing mobile tablet video visitation technology to the marketplace.

At Smart Communications, we have a laser focus,

essentially doing one thing and doing it well!

Our services provide your facility with a stand-alone solution that interfaces to your current jail management system software and will complement and enhance your operational processes.  Below is an overview of the benefits your facility will realize with Smart Communications:

  • You have the flexibility to use the service provider of your choice (commissary, medical, phones, and Jail Management Software)
  • Our investigative tools will enable your detention and law enforcement personnel to “mine” additional data to assist in crime prevention
  • You will never be left behind on software upgrades—full version releases are included as part of our service
  • Our platform is a “building-block” approach that allows your facility to add or remove modules as necessary
  • Your staff will never have to convert data again
  • Your facility will save thousands of staff hours with the technology and services provided