MailGuard™ provides an offsite virtual mailroom, processing your inmate postal mail into an electronic document with advanced security filters and controls for each inmate before the mail gets automatically posted to the inmates account for viewing on the SmartKiosk™ or SmartTablet™ system.  Eliminating the whole task of postal mail and the problems it brings to the agency. SmartKiosk™ with Patent Pending MailGuard™ Technology transforms the correctional facility into a paperless, secure and efficient facility with total electronic automation. Launching SmartKiosk light years ahead of other vendor technology solutions.

MailGuard finally closes one of corrections longest running security loopholes-contraband. It also cuts off the last conduit of drugs and undocumented inmate communications with the outside world, thus eliminating contraband and streamlining the inmate mail into a labor free process.

Our MailGuard services is a free service provide with the Smart Communications platform, and works by processing your inmate postal mail remotely, off-site, at one of our regional MailGuard processing hubs. There we convert your inmate postal mail into a high-definition electronic copy, uploading the copy into the Smart Communications platform, filtering the mail with your agency security setting and then sending it electronically to a que whereby your staff approves the final delivery to the inmate’s account.

Converting your inmate postal mail to electronic media, allows for a searchable database of inmate mail and opens a whole new field of intelligence for your agency and results in the following benefits:

  • Dramatically improve intelligence capabilities
  • Eliminate the last form of undocumented, uncontrolled communication
  • Eliminates Contraband
  • Huge Reduction in direct staff involved with the postal mail process

No Contraband. No Liability. No Cost.

Patent Pending MailGuard™ is the new standard in corrections, Exclusively by Smart Communications.