Commissary Hosting

Flexibility and seamless transitions between vendors.

Many commissary companies now offer their own technology solution, however distributing snacks is their core business and their field of expertise. Technology is not their focus and the resulting solutions they provide reflect that, with limited functionality and poorly designed software. Many vendors will try and leverage item pricing, commission share reductions, or contract extensions to ultimately have your agency pay for the technology solution they provide.

With Smart Communications, we simplify this game of smoke and mirrors and simply host the vendor’s menu on our system. Inmates order from the vendor’s platform just hosted directly on our hardware. We currently integrate with all the major as well as many regional commissary vendors. This is simple provides that provide seamless transitions between vendors, giving your agency flexibility and a far superior product.

In the case of the agency has their own in-house commissary service, we can also provide your inmates with electronic ordering on our own ordering module and upload your commissary menu at no charge to the agency.