Law Library

Smart Communications has been providing a hosted electronic Law Library in our platform for many years. Updating the content daily keeps information as up to date as possible, meeting all the legal needs and requirements of your inmates. All inmates access time is logged and retained in our system, providing proof of access, reducing legal disputes. Inmates can access legal content at any-time free of charge directly on the SmartTablet™ or SmartKiosk™ right from their own housing area.

Eliminating the need for inmate movement or for your agency to fit the cost of providing these services in your budget. This is a free service with Smart Communications.

Our library application updates every day as new information becomes available and is used by many State BAR associations as the preferred platform for their registered attorneys to use for legal research.

Experienced legal editors are committed to providing you with the most up-to-date cases and statutes available anywhere. In fact, our application is often more current than the leading high-cost research providers.