SmartJailMail Electronic Messaging System

One of the most innovative features provided by Smart Communications is the electronic mail function powered by This feature allows inmates to contact their friends and family through a system very similar to email that has been specifically designed for use in a correctional setting.

Messages are delivered in near real-time which increases communication between inmates and family and friends at affordable rates.

This messaging system has over eight years of field experience and has led to many crimes being solved and even prevented by the utilization of the Meta and GPS Data our system can provide your team of investigators. Agencies mine this system regularly for a whole new field of intelligence in criminal activity within their facility and with recipients in the community.

SmartJailMail messages can be automatically monitored for keywords that your investigators choose for specific needs. Keywords are highlighted in the message so you can quickly locate the relevant portions of the message. Unlike postal mail, electronic messages are retained for up to seven years after an inmate is released.

Messages are fully searchable to quickly locate content as needed. Many inmates communicate in languages other than English and so our management console has integrated a translation widget which allows messages to be quickly and automatically translated to English so that investigators can determine if a message is of interest or not.


Providing access to electronic mail provides a number of benefits to the facility.

  • Provides valuable investigative tools
  • Lowers the volume of Postal Mail
  • Lowers recidivism rates
  • Better inmate behavior with better communication
  • Reduce Operating Expenses


Our Electronic Photo Delivery systems allows family and friends to send in photos for inmates. These photos are inserted into a QUE and are then available for client staff approval or denial.