Automated Inmate Requests, Medical, & Grievance System

Smart Communications helps correctional facilities manage the seemingly endless requests and grievances through our digital system.  The first step in reducing this workload is to enable our SmartKiosk™ or SmartTablet™ with as much information to the inmate so as to reduce the need for the inmate to submit a communication request to your facility.

We achieve this important goal by allowing you to display information which can help eliminate entire categories of requests from inmates since they can now view this information on their own. A sampling of the information we can display includes:

  • Inmate Account History
  • Release Dates
  • Charges
  • Court Dates
  • Visitation Lists
  • Inmate Handbook
  • Other facility notices

The second step in this process is moving all inmate communications to our digital format and organizing the distribution channels to ensure that they correct departments within your facility receive these requests.

You can customize the forms and include “required fields” that require the inmate to provide all of the information prior to submission.

Our powerful request system is customization and flexible, allowing for a request to be escalated, apply timers, be reassigned, closed, put on hold, have notices added, etc. These electronic requests are centrally tracked and managed eliminating the need to shuffle paper forms around the facility. Additional time can be saved by adding client definable “pre-defined” responses to common requests that can be selected and then sent back to the inmate quickly.

The electronic system also adds a high degree of accountability in that requests cannot be lost once they are in the system. Requests are responded to electronically allowing inmates to monitor the progress and receive responses quickly. Request data is housed on our managed servers and regularly backed up. We maintain copies of the electronic records for to match your document retention policy and we can provide copies of the data to your IT department for safekeeping as well. Requests can be printed in a form suitable for printing if necessary.