Video Visitation

SmartVisit™ utilizes patent pending technology with a completely customizable and flexible platform that can be utilized from both a kiosk or tablet. SmartVisit technology combines the security of a stationary kiosk, while keeping the benefits of a mobile device when utilized through a tablet.

SmartVisit utilizes advanced facial detection software to zoom in on the individuals face and blocks out everything except the visitors’ face. This eliminates the possibility of inappropriate behavior making its way into the video screen.

Our adaptable software for Tablet visitation that requires the tablet to be inserted into a docking station to enable video visits. This technology further adds security to tablet visits by creating a stationary visit station in clear sight of your staff, so tablet visits cannot be held in private areas.

Our application includes the following features:

  • Remote and In-House Visits
  • All scheduling is done through our website with no staff intervention required
  • Flexible pricing
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Permissions & Controls are easily adjusted through our dashboard controls